Capstone 2016, Day 2: Chitose, Hokkaido

It is a day after our arrival.

Of course all of us are exhausted from long flight. Most of us did not sleep well at night. However, the snow outside made everyone excited, especially our students. The snow is really dry, and is flying like cotton in the air. Yes, we are in a below-freezing temperatures.

We visited a few places in Sapporo during the day, and met the home-stay families back in the Hotel lobby in the late evening. Everything went smoothm and everyone has gone now. I hope that all of my students enjoy our time here.

@ Chitose Station 

Native Hokkaido AINU that we have been learning at TIS

Sapporo TV tower

Former local capitol in Sapporo. This is the strategic place of Hokkaido Pioneer History.

- Takanora Fujii, 4 March 2016