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Equity Diversity & Inclusion Series #3: LGTBQ - TOMORROW

The third event in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion series is tomorrow evening! Please attend this important event! Note: The EDI sessions are open to the larger public.


Wednesday, February 22nd

Learners' Hall


Each module, hosted by Barbara Diamond and her team, includes film, large and small group discussion, hands-on activities, and brief presentations.

LTGBQ. This module covers implicit bias against lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender identities. Participants explore concepts such as the gender binary and queer, gender non-conforming, and transgender identities. Participants will view Barbara J. Diamond’s film What Are You?, which features LGBTQ people in Portland, Oregon who describe their experiences with microaggressions based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Participants will engage in facilitated discussion and brainstorming on reducing bias against LGBTQ people in their workplaces, communities, and personal lives