"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Cross Country Club Update

Coach Robert's OurSportingLives Runners - made up of almost entirely TIS students - began the 2016 Cross Country season with a very strong showing at Overlook Park in North Portland last Thursday.  Winning the overall race of approximately 60 runners was 4th grader Bridger A.  He was running in his first meet and clocked a 1500 meter time of 6:04.87.   Closing in second overall and bearing down on Bridger was TIS 2nd grade runner Quinn H with his time of 6:05.11, while his twin brother Dane closed in 6:28.69. 

There were many of Robert's runners at the front end of this race.  Sam H at 6:35, Lucy 6:40.23, Beck N 6:59.73, Masato G 7:02.50, Eloise R 7:23.56, Joe D 7:34.69, Layfette H 7:40.55, Sam L 8:07.56, Naomi M 8:11.46, Mei T 8:12.60, Daniela N 8:14.08, Bradley M 8:50.33, and Morgan B at 11:24.93.

Many of these 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders ran a cross country race for the first time.

The largest 5th grade group in the last 6 years is this year's group.  They run a 2,000 meter race - or 1.24 miles in distance. Their strong order of finish was;  Wyatt N 8:06.13, Spencer L 8:16.53, Bishop M 8:18.76, graduate Sophia N 10:34.16, and Nicholas W 11:26.63.  

They are looking forward to the rest of the season and the next three cross country meets.