"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Water Quality Testing Results: We are safe!

This summer, TIS conducted water tests of all of our campus buildings. These tests confirmed that all of our drinking water is safe. 

  • All of the water fountains on the Main Campus (Hilltop, Mod3 and Stearns ) tested lead-free, with no lead detected.
  • There are two fountains at the EC Campus. One tested completely lead-free. The other tested at 1 parts per billion (ppb), very well below the Oregon Childcare Division threshold of 15ppb and the EPA threshold of 20ppb. It is thus considered extremely safe. A sink filter can be added to make that water completely lead-free.
  • The water at front office sink was tested because staff uses that water for coffee making. That tested at 1 ppb.

All of our fountains have had high-grade water filters installed for a number of years. The tests confirm that they are working as they were designed.