"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Room Parents Still Needed - Updated List

Room parents are still needed for the upcoming school year! At this point, we still need room parents for:

  • Pre K - Candy's class
  • LowK - Jossie's class
  • 1st grade - Ivonne's class (co room parent needed)
  • 2nd grade - Aiyun's class (co room parent needed)
  • 3rd grade - Jennifer and Maggie's classes
  • 5th grade - Angela's class (co room parent needed)

See intlschool.org/room-parents for the "job" description, and intlschool.org/rp-signup to sign up. Please mark your calendars for Room Parent Orientation on Thursday, Sept 8 at 8:30am. If you can't make the meeting but still want to room parent, please send an email to Kat Simons (kats@intlschool.org)

Questions about room parenting? Feel free to reach out to Kat Simons, current room parents, or our 2016-17 Room Parent Lead, Margaret Wu (mwu2@comcast.net).