"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

CONGRATULATIONS TIS walkers and bicyclists!!

Bike/walk to school challenge month is complete, and we put up some pretty impressive numbers! Remember, there were 20 school days in May, so a perfect record would be 20 round trips, or 40 total trips.

Winners of the Bicycle category, with 40/40 trips completed, are Eva, Bryan and Julie LaMontagne. Together, they:
-avoided 308 miles in a carby cycling to school and back every school day in May.
-avoided using 15.4 gallons of gas
-reduced carbon dioxide by 308 pounds - Equivalent to carbon sequestered by 3.5 tree seedlings grown for ten years. (thanks for the stats, Bryan)
Your bottle of Erath Pinot Noir, Organic Rootbeer, and bicycle helmet are waiting for you at the Stearns front office.
Winners of the Walker category, also with 40/40 trips completed, are Anya, Rebecca, and Keith Legg.
Your two large bottles of Breakside beer and rootbeer are waiting for you at the Stearns Hall front office.

Honorable mentions include:
Tess Wiseman had over 30 trips!
Max Symmes, Lila Ginocchio, Sadie Evans, and members of the Owen family each had over 20 trips!

Spencer Parsons finished each of his many bicycle rides to school by pedaling up Hilltop hill by himself!

Additional Shout outs go to Rosario Lazarra, Alex Chen, Becky Sager, Lorelei Johnson, Becky Sager, Bitsy and Cece Cole, and the Owen family!

Overall, based on tally sheets collected, we had around 20 families participate. Please look for a participation ribbon and pencil in your child's folder. We may have been a small and poorly compensated crowd, but I know that most of us were not in it for fame or fortune. Hopefully that inner sense of peace, fitness, and glory will last throughout the lovely summer months to help stoke that fantastic feeling of fossil fuel freedom for the fall.:)

Thanks for participating. Have a wonderful Summer. Hope to see you in the bike lane!