"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

After School Program with Trackers Earth - Fall 2016

TIS will have an after-school program with Trackers Earth on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Fall 2015! You can choose one of those days or both. The program is open to students in grades 1-5.

There is a maximum of 13 students per day, so commit soon to secure your spot!

Tuesdays would be $136 per month and Thursdays would be $128 per month. 10% sibling discount. Parents could pick up at Trackers HQ in SE Portland between 5:15pm and 6pm.

Sign up here: http://www.trackerspdx.com/youth/after-school/transported-after-school.php

Students would get picked up from TIS after school in a Trackers van. From Trackers: "We pick up at each school we serve and take kids directly to a park or greenspace for their activities. By picking up from one or two schools together and immediately starting in on the after school activities we are able to maximize time spent out of doors working on skill building. The group may be outside most of the afternoon or they may participate in an epic activity at our Trackers facility like blacksmithing or archery at our indoor range. Sometimes this may be a combination of both, taking into account things like seasonal activities, weather, and the interests of each group of kids. While we are prepared to trek outdoors in all conditions, during inclement weather emphasis may also be placed on skills and projects that can be accomplished at our awesome space in Sellwood."