"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Bike Walk Challenge Continues!

A BIG "Thank You" to all of you who joined in on the Bike Brigade Parade last Wednesday. The mood was festive, the air electric, and the glory of our mission was palpable as we rode in and owned SW Water St! Remember, this is the month to share all our good biking juju, mojo, kudos, and karma with anyone and everyone at our school.  

To all those who have yet to feel the inner peace associated with joining the May Bike/walk challenge, sign up now! I think the chances of our TIS going toe to toe with the neighborhood schools on number of trips to/from school by people power are realistically rather low. BUT perhaps we can compete with percent participation. Remember, parking off campus and using bike, feet, scooter, kayak or MAX all count for a trip! AND there is an expensive bottle of Pinot Noir or a couple of premium Beers (and root beer for the kids) in it for the families whose Bike and Walk trip tallies are the highest (round trips count double). Sign up sheets are at front offices at Stearns and Hill Top House. Go on, do it, you'll feel so good!

Thanks for reading, and thanks a LOT for riding,

- Chris Ginocchio(Lila's dad, 2nd grade Chinese)