"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

We need YOU For End of Year Projects!

There are only 3 weeks of the school year left - and lots of little ways that you can help out the school! Below is a list of projects that we need some help with. They are all fairly simple, but would mean A LOT to our students and teachers!  


TIS Garden Help Needed - Both Campuses! 

Main Campus Plants Need Summer Home

The kinder students have transplanted their summer veggie starts into quart pots. The present garden is to be excavated in August and relocated. However, since we do not have another garden spot yet, we are looking for summer homes for these cukes/ summer and winter squash/ eggplant plants. DO YOU HAVE ROOM IN YOUR FAMILY OR COMMUNITY GARDEN TO BE SURROGATE PARENTS FOR THESE PLANTS?  You can eat the produce in the summer and, if you are willing, give the early fall produce back to the students.  

Please let Priscilla Lane, TIS Garden Coordinator (and 2006 Alum Mom Volunteer)  know if you can help. Email: lanekappes@comcast.net


ECC’s Library Garden

There is a garden at ECC.  The students started Scarlet Runner Beans and they have been transplanted into the Library Garden.  I have been watering them every 2 to 3 days as they start out.  From June 10 to June 23 we need someone to do the watering. We also need someone to organize the watering from July 27 through Aug 31. These beans will be growing into September and then picked as dry beans for that famous soup (beans started by the Pre-K and eaten when the children are in Low-K).

Please let Priscilla Lane, TIS Garden Coordinator (and 2006 Alum Mom Volunteer) know that you can help with the watering.  Email: lanekappes@comcast.net


Fall Family Social? Committee Needed!

What do you think of a fun-filled, community-building, new-family welcoming, tradition-honoring social event for all TIS families in the Fall?!  Perhaps we'll share a meal, dance a dance, play a game and make new friends!  We need at least 5 volunteers to form an initial exploratory/planning committee.  Some conversations may take place over the summer. Please contact Heidi Evans at parentnetwork@intlschool.org ASAP with your interest!


Shoeboxes or small boxes needed

Shoe boxes or small boxes are needed for some summer camp projects. We need A LOT of boxes! If you have any you are willing to spare, please bring them to the front desks at Stearns, Hilltop, or EC. Thank you!

- Meredith Fleming, Summer Camp Director


Baby Chicken / Quail Supplies Needed

Calling backyard farmers! The 5th grade is currently hatching some baby chickens and quails. We are looking for donations of:

- Baby chicken food
- Baby quail food
- 2 infrared lights to keep hatched babies warm
- Extra baby chick feeder and waterer.
- Sawdust or pine shavings

Please bring donations to the Stearns Hall front  desk. For more information, please contact Lisa Taaffe, 5th Grade Parent, at lisataaffe@gmail.com