"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Please Share Your Photos with Me!

Photo by Raymond Guron

Photo by Raymond Guron

Hello, Parents!

I see many of you out there, taking beautiful pictures with fabulous cameras! If you are willing to share, I'd love to have them! It's a great way to get glimpses of all the amazing things our students do during their time here (and provides a nice timeline as they grow up!). Photos in the classroom, school celebrations, field trips - whatever, I'll take 'em!

Unless you specify otherwise, photos would be used on our website, social media, and advertising, giving attribution where possible (Don't worry about photo permissions of individual children - I will check on that prior to using). Please send or share Photos with kats@intlschool.org. Photos can also be shared via DropBox: kats@intlschool.org or Picasa / Google Photos: marketing@intlschool.org

Special thanks to Ron Miller, Wu Chang Feng, Adrienne Butzer, Yukako Owen, Gus Martin, Raymond Guron, and Leslee York for sharing spectacular photos this year!

And don't forget - you can count photography towards your volunteer hours!

Thank you!

- Kat Simons, Marketing & Communications Director