"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Volunteer Thank You (and please record your hours!)

With the Spring planting season coming upon us, TIS and the Parent Network would like to give a belated thank you to all of the work contributed by our team of parent garden helpers. Be it soil prep, planting, or harvesting, these dedicated volunteers have put many hours into making the TIS garden a wonderful (and tasty!) place for learning.

Thanks go to: Sarah Beaubien, Angie Bowen, Andrea Long, Kim Rhodes, Kristen Stowell, Becky Voorhies, Debbie Murphy, Elke Poehling, Ray Lee, Lester Harman, Nisha Desai, and Sce and Owen Pike. Finally, the garden would not be in existence without our longtime Garden Coordinator, Priscilla Lane. The time and effort that she has spent developing this garden has been immeasurable. 

Say, have YOU recorded your volunteer hours? It is very important to note your volunteer hours. Not only would we love to be able to acknowledge your work, but it is crucial in applying for educational grants and the like. Please take a few moments are record your volunteer hours here: http://www.intlschool.org/volunteer

Thank you very much!

- The TIS Parent Network