"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Volunteer Thank You, Art Show Help Needed

The TIS Parent Network would like to thank our hardworking Room Parents! Our teachers depend on you for organizing volunteers, planning parties, getting the auction baskets together, helping with speakers and field trips... this list goes on! Thank you for your contributions to your classes and to the school! This year's room parents are: Randolf Crescini, Monique Wu, Yili Malech, Kumiko Shiratori, Judi Bolka, Erin Fonaas, Adrienne Butzer, Frewine Kiros, Hideko & Lucas Forzley, Amy Lu, Dinice Scheihing, Sara Lewis, Amber Vasquez, Dahviya Eriksson, Angie Tanyi, Carrie Anne Cunha, Debbie Robertson, Yukako Owen, Melanie Maurice, Yuri Dyson, Virginia Adatto, Eunice Kim, Andrea Long, Kristen Stowell, Marilyn Beach, Rachel Ginocchio, Becky Voorhies, Chelsea Heiser, Courtney Davies, Angie Spitznagel, Darren Halstead, Stefanie Dieffenbech, Lori Buss, Marisa & Bronson James, Meryl Villareal, Colleen Finnegan, Sarah Carter Adams, Beth Katona, Jenny Tsai, Maureen Mulcahy, Brooke Wiggins, Lisa Goldberg, Lisa Taafe, and Melissa Miller

Interested in getting involved? Our art specialists could always need more volunteers for Main and EC Campus Art shows! Our art shows are beautiful celebrations of the work our students do in their art classes. However, they take a lot of time to set up! If you are available this weekend to help set up for the EC show, or the weekend of May 12-14 to set up for the Main Campus show, please contact us at parentnetwork@intlschool.org 

Say, have YOU recorded your volunteer hours? It is very important to note your volunteer hours. Not only would we love to be able to acknowledge your work, but it is crucial in applying for educational grants and the like. Please take a few moments are record your volunteer hours here: http://www.intlschool.org/volunteer

- The TIS Parent Network