"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

PGE Parking Lot to close next week

Dear families,

As you may recall, our agreement with PGE to use their parking lot by the Main Campus was contingent upon their needs in their use. We were happy to extend as far as we could beyond the originally planned closing date of December 31st.  Alas, PGE has notified us that this Friday, February 5th will be the final day for us to have access to the lot. 

This means that as on Monday, February 8th, all TIS parking will be regulated to the surface streets.  This will increase the amount of cars in the traffic pattern and require greater patience and caution on the part of all.  Please plan accordingly.

Access to Caruthers is currently limited to morning pick up and drop off times only, but we plan to have that open again by next week.

Tips to help alleviate traffic:

1.     Carpool If you are interested in finding a carpool partner, please send your contact info, neighborhood, number of children and any other pertinent details to ITKeditor@intlschool.org to be posted in the InTheKnow classified section. If you don’t find one right away, don’t give up. Ask around as you get to know other families, or send a note to your child’s room parent(s) with a request.

2.     Use curbside pickup and dropoff. If you choose to drive, we strongly encourage you to use curbside and dropoff on the Main Campus. Construction will not start until late September, so your child will have several weeks to get accustomed to his/her classroom.

3.     Bike Biking to school is fun! We have a growing pool of bicycle diehards who will enthusiastically tell you how great it is. Just ask them! Check out Ride the City http://www.ridethecity.com/portland to plan a safe route.

4.     Public Transportation There are lots of Bus, Streetcar, and Max routes that will get you to school. Check out route options here: http://trimet.org/