"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

PBIS Update

Hello TIS Families,

    We hope you are doing well and that you enjoyed The International Festival as much as we did! The children were amazing and everyone worked so hard to create such a wonderful experience.
    The PBIS team has been working diligently and we wanted to send you a quick update. Our latest meeting gave us a chance to gather for a whole day at the end of January and accomplish a lot in preparation for our units on Data Based Decision Making and creating a Safe and Welcoming School Culture. The latter is fairly easy to understand and yet, vital for our community to continue practicing. Our hope is that when the school day ends and the children are playing at the playground or going to their next event that they put into practice the four PBIS pillars, Be Safe, Respectful, Responsible and Fluent.
    Our other unit, Data Based Decision Making, is equally important since it is an ongoing process of collecting and then using data to support the children in their learning environment. We will be holding a staff meeting this week and are looking forward to working as a group in order to educate ourselves and better our school.
     Of course, our community would not be complete without our wonderful parents which is why we always want to assist you and keep you in the loop. We have attached the Expectations Matrix so that you too can see what the expectations are and then help your child practice. Please feel free to ask the team any questions you might have or to ask your child about the lesson they learned each week. This weeks lesson will be on Tuesday with a focus on what does respect look like in all the locations of the school. We are so thankful for your support and hope you have a wonderful day!


The PBIS Team