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Global Citizen Fund Update

Photo by TIS parent Pete Wright

Photo by TIS parent Pete Wright

We've already raised over $4,000...join us now to reach our $40,000 goal for the students and teachers of TIS!

A note from Bodo:

In a few short weeks of school, I have experienced the amazing beauty in being a part of our community here at The International School.  I can’t thank our supporters enough for helping to create this amazing place. It has become clear to me that so much of this beauty at TIS is because of the support from our families and friends.  Your support comes in many forms, including our annual Global Citizen Fund.  As a firm believer in and advocate for TIS, my family has already donated to the Global Citizen Fund, and I would be honored if you did so, too.

When you walk through our classrooms, the engagement of the students and the dedication of the teachers is awe-inspiring. From the multiple languages spoken across the school to the smiles across the students’ faces, the TIS community is a place you’ve created that truly inspires children to become global citizens.

I am honored to have become a part of such a warm, loving, and supportive community. Thank you again for joining me to support and grow this wonderful place – a place of achievement and of possibility, thanks to community members like you.  

Bodo Heiliger, K-5 Principal