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Parent Math Night: Now in the Gym!

Due to the overwhelming response, Parent Math Night will be held in the gym. Planning on coming, but still haven't RSVP'd? Please do so now.

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Hope to see you there!


You may have noticed that today's math might be taught a little differently than when you were growing up. At first glance, the methods may seem confusing and complicated to many. Are you frustrated that you might not be able to help answer your child’s questions in a way that is consistent with what is being taught in the classroom? The TIS Parent Network has a solution….Parent Math Night!

Kristopher Taft, a fellow TIS parent and an elementary school teacher, is an expert on the “new" math. Join him for 90 minutes of the basics of Common Core standards and Eureka Math. He’ll cover the fundamentals from Kindergarten through 5th grade. So borrow some pencils and notepads from your kids and come back to school for a night with the other grown-ups!

The TIS Parent Network Presents….


Tuesday, January 26


TIS Main Campus – Stearns Hall

025 SW Sherman St, Portland

This session will help you to understand the basic philosophy and approach of Eureka Math and the Common Core Standards. It’ll only take one evening to understand – and you may even notice how similar it is to how you learned, after all!


Please note that while TIS uses the Common Core as a baseline, it does not depend completely upon the standards for a grade level.  Mathematics - like all other academic subjects at the school - continue to be built into our IB Units of Inquiry to ensure that we are maintaining the transdisciplinary nature of the Primary Years Programme. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to build upon and supplement the Common Core standards in their classrooms.