"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Auction Special Appeal 2016 - Creating the Optimal TIS Learning Environment

This year’s Auction Special Appeal is about articulating the vision for an optimal TIS classroom, and ensuring that every new classroom we build for our students and teachers fulfills that vision.

What does the ideal classroom look like at The International School? It is one that:

  • Promotes a collaborative, hands-on learning environment:

Offers flexible work spaces to accommodate a variety of lessons and learning styles                     - Fosters global citizenry by creating spaces for meaningful cross-track interactions Is fully equipped with the technology and resources to prepare students for the 21st century

With your support through this year’s Special Appeal, we will be able to outfit the new 4th and 5th grade classrooms with the critical items below, and give our students and teachers the space and resources to do their very best work. Imagine the potential!

Furniture for Common Areas: $30,000

Special Appeal funds will ensure that we can furnish common areas in the new building to be able to fully realize the opportunities that this new space affords. We will use Special Appeal Funds topurchase: round activity tables, small group work stations an chairs.

Technology: $20,000

This year’s Appeal will allow us to provide teacher-requested mounted projectors and screens that help seamlessly integrate technology into any

Collaborative Work Areas for Classrooms: $35,000

Each of the new classrooms will have student desks as well as small
areas for breakout group work within the classroom. With Special
Appeal contributions, we will purchase activity tables and chairs
for these collaborative work areas.

Science Equipment: $10,000
A special request from 4th and 5th grade teachers is better equipment
and resources to support a rigorous science
curriculum. Special Appeal funds will provide a mobile science cart
for each floor as well as science equipment (microscopes, slides,
beakers, etc) for classroom use.

Thank you for making a gift to give our students and teachers the
resources to do their best work! Gifts can be made at the auction, online at
www.intlschool.org/donatenow, at any TIS reception desk or by contacting the TIS Development
Office at 503.226.2496 ext 116.

Click here to learn more about this year's Appeal and how your gift will make a difference for our students and teachers.