"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

New Teacher Profile: YiFeng Gao

TIS is pleased to introduce Yifeng Gao. We are adding a second 4th Grade Chinese class this year, and Yifeng will be its homeroom teacher. Most recently, Yifeng taught Mandarin to grades K -5 at Stafford Primary School in West Linn, and Math and Mandarin to 3rd graders at the Good Time Chinese School. Yifeng got his BA in Journalism at Tianjin Sport University in Tianjin, China, and received his Master’s in Education at Portland State University.

Some of you may have met Yifeng as a substitute teacher here at TIS while he was obtaining his Master’s degree. He is very happy to be joining TIS on a full-time basis. “When I heard that I can go back to teach here, I was so excited and glad, as I've been dreaming to teach at TIS since I left (as a substitute) TIS two years ago. It's such honor to come back to work for TIS again. TIS is a great language immersion school; I've known so many experienced teachers teaching there; the environment of the entire school makes me feel warm and comfortable. The most attractive part is the IB philosophy.”

When not teaching, Yifeng has many hobbies, like drawing, music, sports, traveling and cooking. He particularly likes to draw, paint, and play guitar. Welcome, Yifeng!