"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Bike Walk Month Winners!

Congratulations to all our participants, who will receive goodies in their cubbies over the next couple of days! With 31 walking trips, Frances   (Constanza's 5th grade) was our grand prize winner. Frances' parents, Bryan and Christine, will be receiving a bottle of wine valued at $75 and Frances will receive a new Nutcase bike helmet.

Special recognition goes to our runners-up, 1st-grade Spanish students Eva and Max, with 29 and 27 trips, respectively.

Some of our favorite quotes from our student cyclists and walkers about what they loved about their commuting experiences last month:  

"Spending time with my dad." -Lila, 1st grade.

"My favorite part of biking to school is getting strong." -Sasha, 2nd grade.

"The exercise and the fresh air." -Kaz, 1st grade

- Katherine Cole, Parent Coordinator, Walk Bike Month