"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Host Families Needed for Exchange Students

Spanish Exchange Student for Summer

Jorge Fernandez de Casadevantes has applied for our summer homestay program in Portland and would love to be placed in a home with American teenagers. A couple of years ago his older brother completed this program in Seattle and had a wonderful time and now Jorge is looking for a good experience living with an American family.
Jorge’s program dates are June 28 – July 26th. His host family would be responsible for room and board and he will come with medical insurance and spending money. He is able to vacation with his host family as long as we receive his natural parent’s approval prior to travel dates and everyone is clear on what is expected of him to pay in terms of the vacation, i.e. hotel, food, admissions to museums, parks, etc.

Jorge will live the day to day life of an American and immerse himself in English.

For more information about Jorge, please contact:

Mary Frances Acott
PSE Private & Public School F-1 Exchange
503 330-9576


Japanese Exchange Student for Fall

Excerpt from her letter:

My name is Maho. I am 16 years old now. I live in Shiga. My home town is one of the historical cities in Japan. Shiga prefecture has a biggest lake in Japan. It is called Lake Biwa. Shiga is located near Kyoto. My school is located in Kyoto...My family members are father, mother, elder brother and me. An older brother is a high school student going to the same school. Father is very tender. He teaches me my studying. I often go for shopping with my mother. Mother likes eating very much. Whenever we go shopping, we buy some desserts. 


In my school, there are more than two-thirds students who have lived oversea. Therefore there are many friends who can speak English fluently. They often talk in English in the train. I cannot speak English fluently thought I have been abroad for a long time. I would like to speak English very well same as my friends. So last April I went to study abroad to San Francisco for two weeks. I enjoyed there. But it was too short to learn English and culture. I decided to go studying abroad for learning various things about America again.
After I get the skill of English, my world would probably expand and I would had the communication with various people in English.

For more information about Maho, please contact:

Sherri Hooker
Local Coordinator
CCI Greenheart  
The Greenheart of Cultural Exchange
Tel:  503-516-4967 / Fax: 503-907-7011
Email:  slhooke@gmail.com