"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

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Dear Parents,

What if I were to tell you that you can get your kids to school in the morning while experiencing:

- no traffic
- easy, plentiful parking options
- a great workout
- quality time with your kids
- fresh air
- zero stress
- a great way to slow down and enjoy our beautiful city ???

If you live within 6 miles of TIS and own a kid-equipped bike, I challenge you to ride to school at least once—no, make that twice!—in May. The weather is perfect right now… no excuses.

If biking isn’t an option for you, how about combining public transportation and walking (or, just walking)?

May is Walk + Bike to School month. Pick up a scorecard at any front desk (Hilltop, Stearns, EC) and fill out the number of trips you make May 1-31. At the end of the month, we’ll be handing out prizes, including a sweet new kid-sized Nutcase helmet, free meals at Chipotle, and more. Everyone who participates gets swag!

And I’m going to up the ante. If you also walk or bike home after school, please indicate that on your scorecard. You get double points for doing the round-trip.

I will personally throw in a bottle of Oregon pinot noir, valued at $75, to the family that makes the most commutes in May.

And on May 6, we’ll meet up at the Salmon Street Springs fountain area to form a massive, unstoppable bike brigade to school. Get there at 7:40, OK? I’ll have goodies for you all and I want to make sure everyone gets some. If you are coming from another direction and that isn’t a convenient place, let me know. We may arrange one or two other meet-up spots.

Pick up those scorecards and pump up your tires, folks. I look forward to seeing you May 6, if not before, on your bike. And of course, e-mail me with any questions.

Katherine Cole

Parent Coordinator, Bike and Walk to School Challenge Month