"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Childcare and Specialist Meeting Locations

Don't forget to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences! Click the link below and choosing the teacher's name(s) from the list:       


 All Homeroom teacher conferences will be in your child's classroom.


  • Britt: in shared English Room (next to the library)
  • Janet: in Stearns' shared English room (Stearns Hall)
  •  Meghan: Hilltop Room 9A
  • Cassie: Stearns Hall Room 26
  • Deanna: English Office (Next to the MUSIC room)
  • Dan: Stearns Hall Room 33
  • Coach Robert: in his office BEHIND the gym (through the gym to the door on the LEFT)
  • Coach David: in the Main Campus (Hilltop) Principal Ron's office (even if your child is PK/LK/K)
  • Peter and Kami: in the Main Campus (Stearns Hall) music room (even if your child is PK/LK/K)
  • Carolina & Sarah: in the Main Campus (Stearns Hall) art room (even if your child is PK/LK/K)


Space is limited and we will only take TIS students. Please have your child bring a book or other quiet activity. Please be prompt in picking them up after your conference(s).

  •  No need to sign-up in advance
  •  Please return promptly to pick up your child - we cannot be staffed for extended care.
  •  Please come early to get your child settled.

Main Campus locations:
Chinese and Japanese track students-  Stearns Hall Room 30
Spanish track students - Hilltop Room 4

EC Campus location:

Unfortunately, this will be the last year that free childcare will be made available for Curriculum Nights and Parent-Teacher Conferences. Our school population has grown to the point that we can no longer manage childcare during these times while also offering opportunities for close interaction with our faculty. Thank you for understanding.