"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Welcome Back TIS 5th Graders!

Our 5th graders recently returned from one of the most exciting and enriching experiences TIS has to offer – the Capstone Study Abroad program. Our students were wonderful ambassadors of TIS, and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments during this year’s Capstone! They personified the IB Learner Profile traits of principled, courageous, caring, open-minded, and reflective. Welcome back, 5th graders!

Throughout the two-week program we received regular updates from teachers, parents and students. You can read some of these comments on the Capstone blogs (ChinaJapan, or Mexico). The Capstone Study Abroad program is truly the culmination of the students’ culture and language learning at TIS. Thank you to the entire TIS faculty for preparing the students for success over the years. And of course, a special thanks to our 5th grade teachers who guided the students through their study abroad experience. Christy, Constanza, Mercy and Taka – the time and dedication you put into this year’s program was unrivaled. It was a huge success!

Chinese track students in Xi'an

Japanese track students in Chitose

Spanish track students in Merida

Mark your calendars for 5th Grade Exhibition on April 23rd (Spanish) and 24th (Chinese and Japanese). Our students will present the findings of their research projects conducted this trimester and during their time abroad. To learn more about TIS’ Capstone Study Abroad program, please join us on April 23rd at 8:30am in the Arthur Administration Building for an informal meeting.  It is open to parents of all grade levels. More information to come!


Meredith Fleming, Capstone Coordinator, meredithf@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x 118