"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Sign-Ups Now Open

Parent / Teacher conferences will be all day Friday, March 13 and after school on Tuesday, March 17. It's a great chance to meet Homeroom teachers and hear about what your child is learning in the classroom. Art, Music, PE, Specialists will also be available for conferences.

1. All conferences with Art, Music, and PE Specialists will be at the MAIN CAMPUS. This is to prevent them from having to drive back and forth all day. Please consider this location when you sign up for your conferences.
2. Spring conferences with English Specialists are by invitation-only. They will contact you directly if they would like to talk to you about your child’s progress. We will then open them up for general signups a week prior to the conference dates.
3. Conferences will be available at a later date for 5th grade parents and others who will be on Capstone trips.

Please sign up by clicking the link below and choosing the teacher's name(s) from the list: