"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Capstone Send-Off Assembly Recap

This week, our 5th graders will embark on their Capstone study abroad trips. Capstone is the culmination of TIS students' and families' life here at the school.

We had a wonderful send-off assembly last Friday, during which we came together as a school and celebrated this special moment with our 5th graders.*  Each Kindergarten through 5th grader got a flag to carry - one color per grade to symbolize our multiculturalism - that counts down how many years they have until their Capstone.
The 5th graders marched into the gym playing wonderful music, and then stood before the younger grades, waving a mass of colored flags. Students from each track then spoke about their trips and what they hoped to learn on them.  It was truly an awesome, inspiring moment.

Thanks to all the teachers, students, and administrators - and particularly Peter Musselman and the other specialists - who helped to make this wonderful assembly happen!

*Why weren't parents invited, you ask? Sadly, we don't have enough room in the gym!