"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Your gift to the new building today will make a HUGE difference - Take a Look!


Your gift to the new 4th and 5th grade building will ensure that every classroom will have cubbies, cupboards and a sink. See renderings below that show the new classrooms with and without these items. Bringing efficiency, organization, and convenience, these items create an optimal learning environment where our students and teachers can concentrate on the work at hand. 

Generous TIS families and friends have contributed over $2.85 million to the new building, allowing us to start construction. Your gift today provides the critical final funding to make every new room a fully equipped classroom. 

Please consider making a gift or multi-year pledge today. We have less than $150,000 left to go on our $3 million fundraising goal! Pledge form available here. Gifts can also be made online atintlschool.org/donatenow.  

“A sink is not a luxury, it’s a necessity in a project-based class. We’re hands on! We’re constantly working with art materials, clay and dirt. We use water in our projects – to build dams, to talk about renewable resources.  We need a sink.” – Mercy Martinez, 5th grade teacher