"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Make a Gift To Help Our Students Reach Their Full Potential: support the TIS capital campaign today!

“When I think about the new building, one thing comes to mind - huge potential” says 4th/5th grade Japanese Track teacher Taka Fujii.

Our TIS teachers have always made the best of the space they have, but it has never been ideal. Imagine the possibilities of teaching and learning in a classroom that's designed around our hands-on, student-centered language immersion education. Imagine increased opportunities for collaboration with other classes and cultures. Imagine common areas large enough to host a guest speaker for the entire grade. Imagine space to create, to display large-scale PYP projects, to host Exhibition! This, and so much more, will be at the fingertips of our fourth and fifth grade classes next year.

Please make a pledge today to support the new 4th and 5th grade building. Your gift will fund sinks, cubbies, and cupboards - essential classroom items requested by the teachers. We are now just $173,078 away from our goal of $3 million.

PHONE-A-THON: Dedicated campaign volunteers will be making calls tomorrow night to discuss the campaign and ask you to join them in supporting this important project. We look forward to talking with you!