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PSU Center for Japanese Studies Presents....

PSU Center for Japanese Studies Presents
Dr. Hikari Hori, Columbia University
"Momotaro's Wars: Images of Disasters and Transnational Cinema in Japan"

Japan is one of only three countries (the other are the United States and Britain) that exports popular culture worldwide.How have natural and man-made disasters been visualized and narrativized in Japanese popular culture? Professor Hori is one of the leading experts on Japanese popular culture, ranging from animated films (animé) to illustratednovellas or comic books (manga). Tracing the development of the visual language of disasters in the the Japanese media, Professor Hori explores examples in wartime animation, postwar manga, and early Modern woodblock prints.

February 12, 6 p.m.
Smith 329
Free Tickets: portlandstate.universitytickets.com
Information: www.pdx.edu/cjs/events

Funded in part by Inukai Family Foundation and PSU Speakers Board.