"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Room Parents vacancies

There are still vacancies for volunteering as a room parent in a few classes for this year:

Classes who need a volunteer:

  • Adriana, Spanish 3rd
  • Yu Min, Chinese 4th
  • Christy, Chinese 5th

Classes who have requested a room parent partner:

  • Celina, Spanish Kinder
  • Mercedes, Spanish 5th
  • Masami, Japanese 2nd (to worth with the 3rd grade parent)

Please sign up here if you are able to dedicate some time towards your child's class as a room parent. It's an easy way to get your 25 volunteer hours out of the way, and our teachers really appreciate the help! 

Kat Simons, Marketing Director, marketing@intlschool.org
Laura Hippensteel, Development Coordinator, laurah@intlschool.org