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Auction Sponsor Feature - Chef Naoko

TIS parent Naoko Tamura is a pioneer in cooking with natural and organic ingredients. Originally from Tokyo, Naoko's mother advocated for healthier school lunches and successfully campaigned to improve food choices in Japanese elementary schools. Growing up in this environment lead Naoko to discover her own passion for cooking with natural foods and in 1996 she co-authored the book “Organic Cooking,” which is still available in Japan today.

In 2008 Naoko moved to Portland and opened the Chef Naoko Bento Cafe. She continues to serve healthy food using natural and organic ingredients and her own unique Japanese style of cooking. The Bento Cafe provides catering to businesses who want to offer their employees healthier food options, including offering delicious lunches for TIS students every Wednesday.

Thank you TIS parents Graham Bell and Naoko Tamura for supporting TIS with your Silver level sponsorship of this year’s Auction!

Learn more about Chef Naoko or sign up for Chef Naoko Wednesdays.  


Auction sponsorship opportunities are still available! To learn more, contact Laura Hippensteel, Development Coordinator, LauraH@intlschool.org or 503-226-2496 x116