"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Spanish LowK Teacher Search

Since Abby has begun her new role at IB Coordinator, we have begun the recruiting process for her full-time replacement in Spanish LowK.  All efforts are being made to run a proper recruiting process and have a candidate identified as soon as possible. 

In case we do not find the appropriate full-time teacher for this role by the first day of school, we have arranged for a substitute to cover the Spanish LowK class. Nurys Herrera has over ten years of experience teaching preschool-aged children. She was a Teaching Assistant at TIS for several years before moving over to the Portland Public School district, and has worked closely with Jossie Torres-Jurado (the other Spanish LowK teacher) and Maria Abad, Head of Early Childhood.

Nurys will set up the classroom and receive students on the first day.  Once the permanent teacher begins, the she will remain with the class for two more weeks. This will help to ensure a smooth transition for the students. If you have any questions or concerns about this transitional time, please reach out to Maria Abad (MariaA@intlschool.org) or Robert Woods (RobertW@intlschool.org).