"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Message from Pizza Monday Coordinators:

Many thanks to our wonderful Pizza Monday volunteers who make sure that our kids get their pizza, milk, bananas, carrots, and cookies each week.

We are gratefully indebted to Brandi Vasquez, Candice Jimenez, Catherine Hartoch, Chris Ginocchio, Cindy Chan, Cydney Sheley, Edwardeen Hilts, Heather Gaitan, Heather Quinter, Heidi Evans, H Jean Lin, Liann Martin, Lillian Marrufo Delfin, Linda Rae Hickey, Maria Aron, Sharleen Kornegay, Summer McChesney, Susie Kuhn, Tracey Massey, Tristin Mock, and Wu-Cheng Feng.

Thank you all for you efforts,
James Mast, Caroline Popma, and the kids!!

PS - this is a great way to get to know the school lay-out, class & locations, meet other parents, and get a workout. Consider volunteering next year. :)