"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

All parents: Art dept needs your help

Need some VOLUNTEER HOURS or just like being helpful? Look no further!!!  

#1: Art Show. We need a crew of volunteers to help hang the art show. This will be a show in Stearns Hall featuring work from EVERY student in the school, PreK through 5th grade. We need help:
  • May 9th - Friday evening after school
  • May 10th - Saturday morning to late afternoon
  • (We need more help than last year - Carolina is 7 months pregnant - no ladders for her!)

#2 Save your bottles: Please save clear 2 Liter bottles for a 2nd grade insect project. We will be making insects and putting them into a habitat. We need about 62 bottles. Please remove the labels if possible, and have your child put them in the cardboard box outside the art room. 

#3 Installation project:  If installing a Totem Pole in the garden is more your style, we could use assistance with that project in June.

To help on the art show or Totem Pole installation, please contact Sarah Harpole (Julie Jansen's long-term sub), Art Specialist, SarahH@intlschool.org. Thanks so much!