"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

TIS wants to party with you!

Tickets are still available for upcoming auction parties. Take advantage of this great way to meet new families and connect with old friends as the weather gets warmer! Contact Development Coordinator, Laura Hippensteel at laurah@intlschool.org for tickets and more information. All proceeds support TIS.

Got Game? on April 19: Board games, beer, and fun! Adults only, $25 each. 4 tickets left!
Thank you Ashley Hayden and Noah Kolman!

Texas Hold'Em on June 7: Poker, Bar BBQ, and Prizes! Adults only, $100 each. 14 tickets left!
Thank you Becky Smith and Jody Luth!

La Casa Margarita Fiesta on June 14: Mexican food, margaritas, and DJ/dancing! Adults only, $75 each.
Thank you to the Shah, Togni, Higgins, Tait, Beight, Denney/Murphy, Weesner and Kuhn families!

TIS Block Party on August 9: pinata, BBQ, dunk tank, games and more! $50 per family.
Thank you to the Trubowitz/Schnebly, Crandell, Guilfoyle, York/Lee, Kalin/Stutheit, and Bates families!

Paella Party on July 26: sangria, beer, paella, music and more, $55 each.
Thank you to Chris and Huma Pierce!

TIS Pips and Bounce Ping Pong on August 2: enjoy a ping pong tournament with food and music, buy 3 get 1 free! $25 each.
Thank you host Michael Jung and DJ Matt Simons!

Wood-Fired Italian Dinner party on August 3: incredible Italian dinner for 40. Adults only, $75 each. 4 tickets left!
Thank you Derek Jensen and Julie Gulla!

Badminton, BBQ and Belly Flops on September 6: food, friendly competition, and good company! Adults only, $100 each.
Thank you Sperry, Levow, Davies, Banks, and Booth/Sutherland families!