"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

TIS: Totally Loved (What do you love most?)

This month we're asking *everyone* in our community to do two very important things to support our school:

  1. Share feedback at intlschool.org/survey (only 104 done so far - 385 to go!)
  2. Make an Annual Giving contribution at intlschool.org/donatenow

Both of these gestures of support will help TIS grow and better serve our community of students, teachers and families. Please take a couple minutes today to show your love for TIS, and get your class up to 100% participation!

Click here for a list of families and friends who have already made a contribution this year. Thank you to our many generous donors! 

We recently asked TIS teachers and staff to share what they love most about our school. Check out their awesome (and varied!) responses below. 

English Teacher Dan Pack: What I love most about TIS is watching students as they grow and progress through the grades. They come to English classes as cute, wide-eyed first graders and we guide them through the years to mature, confident fifth graders. It's always fun to watch that progression.

Japanese Teacher Chisa Terano Chilgren: As a Pre-K teacher, I love my former students eager to speak to me all in Japanese after a few years when I run into them on TIS campus.

Coach Robert Briglia: For me, the greatest aspect of TIS is the exuberance and levels of excellence shown by our student body. My PE classes are filled with happy, enthusiastic children who take on challenges and are driven from within to want to succeed. I am greeted daily like a rock star and feel very appreciated by students, parents, and coworkers. Where did 10 years go?

Chinese Teacher Assistant JingJing Song: There is a Chinese metaphor that says 'kids are like flowers and teachers are the gardeners. How well the flower blooms depends on how good the gardener is.' I love to work with kids. I have the passion to make a difference and guide children as they grow up. I love to see their smiles, how they grow up every day, and how interested they are to learn about a different culture. They give me great joy. I believe all the teachers who work at TIS are doing their best to be the greatest gardener to water the flowers.

Art Teacher Carolina Barros: I love TIS because of the community it offers- people of different cultures and from all walks of life, learning something new from each other every day.

Lauren Riegelnegg, TIS Development Director, LaurenR@intlschool.org, 503.265.8635