"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Please log volunteer hours

Thank you to all who helped with the auction in every way, supported classroom learning, or otherwise spent time with us on campus to help TIS operate at its best. Please log your volunteer hours for November and any previous months at intlschool.org/volunteer.

Your volunteer hours are immeasurably important in many ways - we wouldn't be able to operate without you! Recorded hours help us to narrow down areas of need around campus, provide optimal support to our students, and appeals to organizations who would be willing to give a gift to TIS by knowing that our community is invested. Thank you for investing your time and talents with TIS!

Wondering about the current count of your hours? Unfortunately the volunteer survey doesn't allow a "login" for self-check, but I'm happy to check for you via email request! 

Laura Hippensteel, Special Events and Annual Giving Manager, LauraH@intlschool.org