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It's time for the Annual TIS Library Reading Challenge!

The Annual TIS Library Reading Challenge is now upon us! It runs from November 3 to February 6.

This year's theme is Across Time and Culture.  The main focus is on the experiences of characters, real or fictional and past or present, who are living in, or from, countries where our target languages are spoken.  The goal of the reading challenge is to promote a community reading experience, to introduce students to high quality literature they may not otherwise read, to promote literacy and a love for reading.  The art project is designed to allow the students time to reflect on what they have read, to creatively express ideas or emotions about the reading and to share and present these ideas to their peers.

Students should read on their own, or with an adult, at least six books from the appropriate list and return the challenge form to the librarian along with the completed gallery project no later than Friday, February 6 to be included in the library’s Across Time and Culture Gallery. During a class party, certificates and prizes will be awarded to each student who completes both the project and reading six books.

Books are available in the TIS Library, your local public library or bookstore. Some books are available as ebooks on BrainHive for use on reading devices. Please ask the librarian if you prefer this option.
There are two reading lists, K-2 and 3-5.  If you would like your child to read a book or two from the list designated for students in higher or lower grade levels, feel free to do so, but please choose the majority of the books from the appropriate list so your child can enjoy discussing the reading with peers.

Create a character(s) from one of the challenge books in a traditional art form from a country highlighted in one of the books.  For example, you may create origami characters, a Mexican bark painting, or a brush painted scroll.

Challenge forms, book lists and project ideas are available on the TIS Library website.

Tamara Beecroft
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