"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

The Board Corner: Charges to the Head of School 2014-15

To ensure that TIS continues to thrive, while simultaneously making constant and vigorous progress toward the Vision for the School, the Board of Trustees collaborates with the Head of School to create specific charges for each academic year.  These charges often expand or build upon those of prior years.

Specific to the 2014-15 academic year, the Board of Trustees identifies hereby charges the Head of School make the following responsibilities his major focus:

  • To align strategic goals with recommendations from the NWAIS self-study, and develop action plans that will support the continued improvement of TIS
  • To further integrate the PYP into the daily educational fabric of TIS
  • To establish a connection with a Capstone host school in China with the goal of building and maintaining the relationship in order to bring stability to the Chinese Capstone trip
  • To review all marketing and public relation strategies for the three language tracks, with a particular focus on connections within the local community
  • To develop various scenarios for the organization of the school based on the assumption of a new ten-classroom building.  This work will help to inform the work of the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Campus Master Plan  
  • To organize and convene a Technology Planning Committee with the directive to develop a long-range technology plan for TIS
  • To develop and implement a schedule for the review and publishing of school policies working with the Board of Trustees as well as individual departments within the school
  • To identify administrative positions not currently at market rate, and develop a proposal to bring them in line
  • To complete one full cycle of the new teacher evaluation system, introduced in September 2014.

The Board further recognizes that some of these activities will continue over multi-year period, and that many  of them are already in process. If you have questions about the 2014-15 charges, or would like information about those from prior years, please contact board@intlschool.org.