"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

P/T Conferences: Childcare and Specialist Locations

Reminder: Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this Friday, October 31, and Tuesday, November 4.

Childcare Locations:

  • Main Campus childcare will be in the Gym (in the Hilltop Building).
  • EC Campus childcare will be in the library/flex room.

Art, Music, and PE Specialist Conference Locations:

Specialist conferences at the Main Campus will be held in the following locations:

  • Peter and Kami will share the Music Room (Stearns Hall)
  • Sarah and Deanna will share the Art room (Stearns Hall)
  • Coach David will be located in Robert Woods' office (Stearns Hall)
  • Coach Robert will be in the office connected to the gym (Hilltop Building)

English Specialist Locations:

  • Dan: English office (Stearns Hall)
  • Meghan: 9A (Hilltop Building, next to library)
  • Denise: 10A  (Hilltop Building, next to library)
  • Britt & Janet: Library (Hilltop Building)
  • Cassie: Stearns Room 27 (Stearns Hall)