"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Auction Sponsor Feature: Bengerminz Vodka

For a second year, TIS is excited to offer beverages from TIS parents Olivier Beaulieu-Grise and Rachelle Flores with Bengerminz vodka. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the TIS Auction will feature a signature Red Lotus Cocktail - lychee liquor, cranberry juice, and Bengerminz Vodka.

Bengerminz is a smooth and mellow spirit with a distinct character and a subtle hint of sweetness, distilled through a six-stage filtration process. It is made from 100% all-American grain and artesian water and was even the winner of the 2011 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards!

Thank you to Rachelle Flores, Olivier Beaulieu-Grise, and Bengerminz Vodka for your generous Silver level sponsorship!