"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Childcare at Parent-Teacher Conferences

Hello Parents,

There will be childcare for TIS students while you are in parent-teacher conferences. Childcare will be provided at both the EC Campus and the Main Campus. We will let you know where these will be located next week.


·        Bring your children with books to read or something to do. The childcare rooms do not have toys or games that we can use. iPads, etc are acceptable this year as well.

·        Bring your children to the childcare rooms not more than 5 minutes before your conference starts.

·        Pick them up not more than 5 minutes after your conference ends.

·        Sorry, no non-TIS siblings or friends

We are happy to offer childcare as a service for parents, but do not have enough staff to care for students beyond your conference time or to care for non-TIS siblings.

If you have not signed up for parent-teacher conferences, please do so here:


Specialist conferences are filling up fast!