"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Early Childhood Campus Garden!

We're building a garden for our PreK and LowK students and need your help preparing the soil! Do you have a composting system at home? A stack of old newspapers? We're collecting....

  • Green nitrogen rich matter*: grass clippings (no dandelions), compost that is ready to use as soil, manure (chicken, rabbit, cow, horse, but no hay with seed in any of this), clippings from your own garden that are chopped up enough to break down through the winter. 
  • Brown matter*: chopped up leaves and yard debris that has already dried out... no sticks, no cedar, pine or walnut.
  • Cardboard and newspaper

*All this should be weed-free and pesticide free. Drop-off materials in the bins behind the library at the EC campus.

Love to garden and want to get some volunteer hours? There will be a work party to build the garden beds on Saturday, November 15, 9 am - noon. More info to follow. 

For questions contact, Priscilla Lane, lanekappes@comcast.net or Meredith Fleming, MeredithF@intlschool.org