"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

News from Robert: Why Your Participation Matters

Dear Parents,

I'm taking a little break from self-study sections to share something important that's coming up soon. Next Monday we will begin our February campaign for Annual Giving & the All-Parent Survey.

During this annual campaign, we ask every family to support the school in two meaningful ways: by making an Annual Giving donation and by completing the all-parent survey. We ask for 100% participation in both, and you'll see thermometers around school measuring our progress towards that goal. Why is 100% participation important? Good question, let's take a look:

  • Both Campaigns: Making an Annual Giving gift and providing feedback on our all-parent survey are important and tangible ways to provide critical support for the TIS program. 
  • Annual Giving: Strong Annual Giving participation can inspire additional donations. When applying for outside gifts, corporations and foundations will use the Annual Giving participation rate as a way to evaluate community support for the school. The Annual Giving Fund is an important way for us to show the commitment of our parents, staff, trustees, alumni and friends. 
  • All-Parent Survey: The all-parent survey provides important feedback which fuels planning and reflection every year. It gives us important data for decisions throughout the school year. The more parents that participate, the more comprehensive the results will be.

100% of full-time TIS employees and 100% of trustees have already pledged their support this year! We hope you will join us!

- Robert
Robert Woods, Head of School, RobertW@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x122 

P.S. Gifts to both the Special Appeal and the Annual Giving Campaign count towards the participation goal. Thank you to everyone who has already made their donation this year!