"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

What you need to know for drop-off / pick-up

1. If you arrive before 3:15, and want to use car service for ANY & ALL buildings, turn LEFT UP CARUTHERS - BEFORE STEARNS HALL, go all the way up the hill, U-turn, and queue up facing downhill before the stop sign (see diagram). Cars queued on Caruthers will be served FIRST when the staffer arrives. This way we won't block Water Avenue. 

2. Please do NOT U-Turn at Point A. Too dangerous. You may Uturn at the top of Caruthers or at the corner of Sherman & Water (or at the top of Sherman).

3. There will be a variety of staffers on the walkie-talkie at point A each day, so be prepared to show your ID & pick-up card EVERY DAY. Please don't get mad - even if we know you, it will all go a lot faster if we can just read off your pick-up card & check your ID. 

4. The details for your child's class (in case you missed them last week):