"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

We'd love your help this summer! Of course any time you put in counts toward the 25 hours that we ask every family to contribute each year. Needed:

  • 2-4 people to inventory Summer Camp supplies
    Thursday, Aug 8th from 10am-4pm
    Contact: Camp Director Ida Jenkins, IdaJ@intlschool.org 
  • 5-10 people for window posters & bulletin boards. (Remove posters and paper, use "Goo-Gone", pin/tape new cloth & posters.
    Week of Aug 5 or 12 - flexible times  (May be an option to do some work in the evening if we can get several people.) Contact Linda Bonder, Mktg & Communications Director, LindaB@intlschool.org 
  • Window washers. Use our commercial window cleaning equipment - we'll teach you how! Week of Aug 5 between 9 and 4.
    Contact Frank Bojanowski, Facilities Manager, FrankB@Intlschool.org 

Thank you!