"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Three cheers of thanks to this year's Room Parents. Gracias! 谢谢! ありがとう!

Q: How could we have done it without you? 
A: We couldn't have!

Room Parents people do the often unsung work of helping the year run more smoothly, working directly with our homeroom teachers to plan an coordinate a whole host of activities, from parties, to festivals to field trips.

If you get a chance before the year is out, remember to say "Thanks" to each of them for their important work.

Vanessa Bogaert, Angie Bowen, Andrea Long, Shelby Galvin-Travers, Kelly Richardson, Molly Lindquist, Kayla Casebeer, Erika Jones, Dixie Noel, Sharon Menapace, Leah Gronner, Carissa Aulich-Smith, Jane Gauger, Diana St. Amor, Sarah Carter Adams, Jennifer Syler, Korey Marquez, Gregory & Kelli Lutje, Leslee York, Ryan Olsen, Lisa Taaffe, Meryl Villarreal, Fiona Tait, Jennifer Syler, Lori Beight, Caroline Popma, Tracey Massey, Kelly Morgan, Karina Dana, Sarah Carter Adams, Cybele Camberos, Cindy Melbo, Dee Crandell, Mandy Jones, Cindy Chan-Lazzarra, Damion Lazzara, Rachelle Flores, Nisha Desai, Amy Liu, Annie Hood, Rebecca Chi, Mike Walburn, Kristi Wilson, Leslie Fornari, Teri Harper, Wai Yee Loo, Gerry Toll, Eunice Kim, Liann Martin, Jennifer Miller, Teri Harper, May Graham, Christi Sperry, Jill Chen, Sharyn Marcuson, Brandi Duke, Karla Nutt, Jodi Swigart, Joan Francis, Tara Tamaribuchi-Gibbs, Midori Karasawa,) Tristan Morse, Angelique & Marco Puccio, Akiko Berkman, Sara Hohman, Wei Nathan

Room Parents, you are appreciated, thank you!