"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Help TIS 3rd-5th graders make a difference for kids in West Africa

The TIS 3rd-5th grade classes are working together with African Sports Outreach (ASO) founder, Paul Goodrich, to send soccer uniforms, footwear and equipment to at-risk youth and orphans in West Africa through the ASO Passback Program.

ASO is a not-for-profit, state of Oregon 501(c) 3, international youth development organization founded by Paul Goodrich, a former Peace Corps volunteer and NCAA Division I All American soccer player. ASO uses the allure of soccer and teamwork to help kids create a positive image of themselves in their communities and is committed to supporting at-risk African youth with after school soccer programs, equipment donations (through the ASO Passback Program), schooling, medical support, and meals.

For every $200 we raise at TIS, the ASO Passback Program can transport one oversized duffle bag, filled with donated soccer uniforms, footwear, and equipment, to West Africa. Each duffle bag and its contents can outfit and supply up to 200 at-risk boys and girls on ASO soccer teams.

This week TIS parent volunteers and students will be outside Stearns Hall to help the TIS community learn more about ASO and the ASO Passback Program. During Friday morning assembly, TIS upper grade classes will meet with Paul Goodrich to view video footage of the ASO Passback Program in action, and will learn more about how their local efforts can help make a global difference.

To donate to ASO, make your contribution at any TIS reception desk or in any TIS 3rd-5th grade classroom. Please make checks payable to African Sports Outreach. Visit www.asointernational.org to learn more about ASO. Thank you,

Kathy Vinceri (4th grade Chinese track parent)