"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Help kids in West Africa

Former All-American soccer player and coach Paul Goodrich founded African Sports Outreach International in 1990 to help at-risk youth in West Africa through sports uniforms and cultural exchange programs. TIS supported ASO last school year and they are asking us to do so again this year.

Please help us raise money for ASO so that kids in West Africa can have uniforms for school and soccer.

The TIS 3rd-5th graders are helping kids in West Africa stay in school and play soccer. We are working with Paul Goodrich and African Sports Outreach (ASO) to send soccer uniforms and equipment to poor, homeless and orphaned kids in West Africa. The kids participate in a school for life model that allows them to play soccer with ASO if they agree to stay in school.

For every $200 we raise, we can ship one oversized duffle bag stuffed with donated soccer uniforms and equipment to the kids at ASO. The uniforms are really important because they help the kids feel like they belong and are part of a team. These kids have nothing, so having a uniform is a really, really big deal.

We can help by giving to ASO. Everyone at TIS could give a dollar and make a difference. Please help the upper grade classes at TIS raise money to help the kids in West Africa.

To donate, go to www.asointernational.org/donate/donate.htm for the address or make your donation at any TIS reception desk or in any 3rd, 4th or 5th grade TIS classroom. Please make checks out to African Sports Outreach.

- Kathy Vinceri & Yvonne (Chinese 4th grade)