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"With your help we could get some awesome new books..."

TIS Wine Tasting & Spring Social - Saturday May 11! More info & tickets at intlschool.org/wine.

Recently Lara's 4th grade English class needed an authentic purpose to practice writing persuasive letters. They chose the upcoming TIS Wine Tasting & Spring Social, which supports our Library Media Center. Here's what they had to say ...

"Kids love being curious and finding out lots of things in books. Kids just love reading books! Parents love kids reading books! EVERY BODY LOVES BOOKS!!!!!!" - Kyra

"We LOVE that the TIS library has interesting books. We are the only elementary school in the USA that has book collections in 4 languages." - Eliana

"Did you know that 330 students go to the library every week? That's a lot of kids and that's why we need more books." - Reed

"Books are needed for education! With your help we could get awesome new books. Just attending the wine tasting could get us new books, bookshelves, and fun learning games. You can help us get good quality library materials that are durable and will be here for centuries." - Grace

"Maybe you're thinking, 'but I don't even like wine.' Well, this year there's an exception. This year you can sponsor a book. That means you can buy a book for the library by donating $20. It's a great idea because kids can request books! So once again please buy some wine or sponsor a book!!!" - Nico

More information on the TIS Wine Tasting and sponsoring a book at intlschool.org/wine. Read all of the wonderfully persuasive letters from Lara's 4th Grade English class at library.intlschool.org/library-leaders/

Featured Winery: Seven of Hearts

Seven of Hearts is led by local winemaker Byron Dooley and his wife Dana who are dedicated to producing fine wines that reflect the distinct characteristics of their terroir. Bryon made his first Oregon wine in 2006 and now collaborates with fifteen different vineyards from around the Willamette and Columbia Valleys. He works closely with each farmer to make sure that every bottle and every vintage reflects the unique growing conditions of the region.

Guests at the TIS Wine Tasting & Spring Social will have the pleasure of sipping a variety of wines from Seven of Hearts' portfolio, including their 2011 Luminous Hills Estate Grown Pinot Noir, 2012 Rose of Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, 2011 Chatte d'Avignon and 2011 Ice Princess Viognier Sweet Wine.

Kathy Guilfoyle, Wine Tasting Chair, wine@intlschool.org
Lauren Riegelnegg, TIS Advancement Coordinator, wine@intlschool.org