"In the Know" Weekly Newsletter - The International School

Latino Festival transportation (May 10)

9am show performers: Vicky, Celina, Abby, Jossie, Adriana, Norma, Ivonne & Paola (no need to come to school before the show)
Visiting classes: Jennifer, Shirleen, Ann & Masami

11am show performers: Adela, Gilberto, Gloria, Constanza, Maria, Pilar & Lizette
Visiting classes: Hong, Taka, Akiko & Jenny

Spanish Track: Since most families of performers attend the show, we ask that Spanish Track parents drive or carpool their children to the theater. There is school after the performances - please make sure the teacher knows who will take your child to and from the show. If transportation for your child will be very difficult to arrange, please let me know (LindaB@intlschool.org) - we have a limited number of extra seats on the visiting class bus.

Visiting classes will go to and from the theater by school bus. 

Location: PCC Sylvania Performing Arts Center, 12000 SW 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97219. Parking will be free.